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Our free technical webinars provide actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, including design and processing tips, and proven methods to improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability. All webinars are free and last no more than one hour, including time for questions and answers. Signup for webinar email alerts.

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Dry Ice in the Plastics & Rubber Industry: Cut Costs, Improve Productivity and Quality
Wednesday, July 9, at 11AM EDT (New York)
Presented by Cold Jet

This webinar discusses the advantages of utilizing recycled dry ice to lower mold cleaning costs, increase operating efficiencies and improve part quality. The various uses for recycled dry ice in the plastics and rubber industries will be discussed from cleaning molds at operating temperatures while they are still in the machine, deburring and deflashing plastic parts as well as using recycled dry ice to prepare the surface of plastic parts before painting or coating.

The attendee will also achieve a benchmark understanding of how the process works, can extend the asset life of their tooling, improve worker safety and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals. Research from several industry case studies and applications will be discussed, helping processors achieve their TPM, 6S, Zero Landfill, 5S and Kaizan initiatives.


Skin Irritation and Wearable Electronic Devices - Root Causes and Remedies
Thursday, July 17, at 11AM EDT (New York)
Presented by PolyOne GLS

Wearable electronic devices are already well established. According to a Nielsen study, 15% of US consumers already use a wearable device and more than 17 million devices are expected to be sold in the US this year. As wearable device technology continues to change, this industry is expected to explode, with industry experts forecasting sales of 45 million devices by 2017. As consumer requirements and functionality develop, so do the demands on the materials used to enable these designs. Unlike traditional consumer electronics, wearable electronics are in physical contact with their users up to 24 hours a day. They interface with the body and therefore need to be designed for long term skin contact. The rapid growth of wearable electronics without due consideration for long term skin contact has led to early issues, such as reports of skin irritation or sensitivity. There has been expensive litigation and other costs to brand owners who have not adequately taken long term skin contact into consideration.

This webinar highlights those issues and details some of the substances suspected to cause skin sensitization. By discussing these substances and explaining what designers and manufacturers can do to limit these issues, we explore how designs do not need to be limited by material selection. We will show how ideas can be realized as intended, reducing the risk of skin contact issues, and enabling products to perform as they have been designed.


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"What a great presentation that was today on Wear Resistant Technologies for Compounds. Our engineering department sat through it and we all learned something. You did a great job giving us useful information in a manner that helps us help our customers."
Mike Miller
Dir of Engineering
New Berlin Plastics