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Our free technical webinars provide actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, including design and processing tips, and proven methods to improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability. All webinars are free and last no more than one hour, including time for questions and answers. Signup for webinar email alerts.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Specialized Long-term Thermal Aging (LTTA) of Plastics

High Performance Plastics for Pumps and Fluid Handling

Presented by RTP Company

Looking for ways to expand the capabilities of your pump and fluid handling products, reduce costs, or extend product life?
Learn about the capabilities of today's high performing engineered thermoplastic compounds for pumps and meters during a one-hour webinar by Dr. Joel Bell, International Technology Manager for custom compounder RTP Company. Discussion on the benefits of engineered plastic compounds will include:
-Maximizing abrasion, wear, and friction resistance
-Reducing weight with metal replacement
-Gaining chemical resistance and elevated temperature performance
-Managing static and ESD
-Increasing safety with FR compliance

Specialized Long-term Thermal Aging (LTTA) of Plastics

Recycled Plastics at UL
Wednesday, May 7, at 2PM EST (New York)
Presented by Christina Coleman, Senior Project Engineer at UL LLC and Mike Sawchuk, Business Manager at UL Environment

For over a century, UL has been helping customers bring safer products to the marketplace. In today's market, manufacturers are continually finding ways to use more people and planet friendly materials to manufacture their products, which includes recycled plastics. However, the safety, on-going quality, and percent or type of recycled materials is often questioned and difficult to validate.

Please join us during this webinar, where Christina and Mike will discuss both the Safety Certification and Environmental Claim Validation program for Recycled Plastics and how this new program can quickly and adequately address your customer's concerns.


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"What a great presentation that was today on Wear Resistant Technologies for Compounds. Our engineering department sat through it and we all learned something. You did a great job giving us useful information in a manner that helps us help our customers."
Mike Miller
Dir of Engineering
New Berlin Plastics