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Our free technical webinars provide actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, including design and processing tips, and proven methods to improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability. All webinars are free and last no more than one hour, including time for questions and answers. Signup for webinar email alerts.

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How Tactile Communication Can Lead to Brand Preference And considerations for designing soft touch packaging
Thursday, October 16th, at 11 am EDT (New York)
Presented by PolyOne GLS

Is your brand missing out on opportunity to connect with consumers through tactile communication? Consumers are bombarded by visual images at every turn. There is a fine line between packaging designed to catch the consumer's attention and packages that scream from store shelves. Tactile communication is an underutilized method for connecting with consumers that can be a brand differentiator. Learn how to design packaging to include soft touch attributes that increase functionality and promote brand preference.


Deformulation Studies: Investigations Solved by Reverse Engineering
Thursday, October 23, at 11AM EDT (New York)
Presented by Chemir

Deformulation, or reverse engineering offers chemical identification and quantitative data to help companies with R&D, problem solving, failure investigations and litigation support. In this webinar you will learn about different types of deformulation studies, from very basic component identification/characterization to complex full deformulation investigations. Three case studies will illustrate the analytical techniques, data and interpretations involved, as well as the associated costs and time requirements.





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"What a great presentation that was today on Wear Resistant Technologies for Compounds. Our engineering department sat through it and we all learned something. You did a great job giving us useful information in a manner that helps us help our customers."
Mike Miller
Dir of Engineering
New Berlin Plastics